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We are a top Manufacturer of: skin, hair and color cosmetic products to the Health & Beauty industry. We provide our clients, from around the world, with customized formulations and turn-key services from our headquarters, located in the heart of the Dallas manufacturing district. ARG Laboratories has continuously delivered quality products to satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Our Customers Include: Entrepreneurs and major corporations, alike, who require expert formulation, manufacturing and filling services. At ARG, every client order, regardless of quantity, is subjected to the same stringent standards of quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

We practice ethical “Customer Service” in all that we do: We handle all of our clients and their projects with the utmost confidentiality. We take great pride in our reputation as a true strategic partner to our clients that collaborates with them and shares in their successes by consistently delivering to them stable, safe and effective products, with a speed-to-market posture.

The founder of ARG Labs: Henry A. Ajike’s drive for excellence has been the force behind our goal to surpass all industry benchmarks for innovative product development and quality manufacturing. To achieve that goal, Henry has built a staff comprised of highly respected R&D and Manufacturing professionals, with global experience. Together, they apply decades of clinical research and innovation experience to our formulations and processes.