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DreamStone Ionic Hair Brush


To produce a large of ion every second
Ion Features a much greater airflow rate (300 feet/minute)
The ionic hair brush is ideal for treating brittle split ends
Unique designed bristles for exceptionally gentle brushing without damaging the cuticula
Make the hair more smoothly
With 2pcs AA battery operated
Item Dimension:217.5x30mmx35mm


1 ) User Friendly, in-home Keratin Straightening system formaldehyde-free

2 ) Wrinkle Away 2 applications a day keeps the wrinkle away

3 ) Lash Bloom- Helps promote youthful healthy looking lashes

4 ) Stem Cells protectors

5 ) Liquid Strong Peptide For beautiful/young eye popping skin

6 ) Bright Teeth

7 ) Power Powder- Anti-age powder

8 ) Gentle Powder Cleanser

9 ) Power Pout

10 ) Browful

11 ) Standing Shadows

12 ) Menopausal complete line

13 ) Bust & Buttocks Enhancers

14 ) Checkful & Handful

15 ) Twinkle Toes

16 ) Firming Neck & Décolleté

17 ) The BRIGHT EYE girl

18 ) Eye Line BE GONE

19 ) Massage in a bottle

20 ) Nail Care system “Feel your Nails”

21 ) Complexion Correction

22 ) Personal Lubricants

23 ) Beautiful Awakening

24 ) ReFa is the answer to what you’re natural skin has been seeking

It is scientific study of the mechanisms necessary to preserve the skin’s natural, built-in beauty.
An extremely low electrical current flows naturally through human skin. This current is always present and doesn’t cause the skin to experience any sense of pain. This current is said to constitute one of the key factors that serves to preserve the healthful beauty of the skin, Refa generates an extra-low level micro current and produces a barely perceptible stimulus to the touch. Give your skin a brief treatment with the rollers very day, as you would give it a daily dose of moisture. This will help you maintain good skin texture, which will make the skin appear tauter and shinier. ReFa, precisely what your bare skin needs.


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25 ) In a kit will include Platinum body firming cream. Can also purchase as a separate item.

26 ) In a kit will include Platinum sliming and anti-cellulite cream gel. . Can also purchase as a separate item.

27 ) In a kit will include Platinum firming lotion for the Neck & Décolleté area after using the amazing state-of-the-art ReFa this adorable cream. Can also purchase as a separate item.

28 ) Olive oil bar of soap